Life is what you make it

"LIFE should not be a Journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body but RATHER TO SKID IN BROADSIDE, THOROUGHLY USED UP, TOTALLY WORN OUT and LOUDLY PROCLAIMING WOW WHAT A RIDE" many authors

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Well the house is just about done. I have a couple of arrends to run. Then it is off to Orlando and have some sister time. My youngest sister flies in tomorrow morning. Tonight I get to go to my nieces volleyball game.

I have received 3 days of fun mail in the last 2 weeks! Love fun mail. I participated in several swaps in the last couple of months and they have arrived. 

The first swap was an altered scrabble tile and here is a picture of all the awesome creative work.
Also going on was a Time ATC swap and a Treasure themed ATC swap. Here are the results of that creative work.

Then last but not least, I was in a Secret Sister Altered Tin swap.  We each were assigned a secret sister and were to design a tin for her and fill it with fun crafting goodies. My tin is the one in the slide show with the red roses. But this is the Tin I received from my Secret sister Sherri! It is totally awesome and filled with all sorts of stuff just waiting and wanting to be all inked up. It was a great ending to a very stressful day!

 This is the top view
 The side of my adorable tin
The ever fun and yummy contents of my tin.  Thank you so much Sherri!

Now it is off to a wonderful weekend of good food, crafting, and hanging out with my sisters.  See ya Sunday.


  1. I received a lot of "fun" mail too! heehee we must be in some of the same swaps -wink-wink.

    Have a fun weekend with your sisters!

  2. Leah - Love your new blog!! I'll try hard to keep visiting:-).