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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Polymer Clay Bracelets

Come join in on the fun.  Make a mother daughter day out of it.

Polymer clays are plastic modeling compounds that come in many colors, can be formed into any shape, and will bake permanently hard in a home oven. They won’t dry out until they are baked hard (if properly stored, kept cool and dark). They don’t shrink or expand--you can form them over any bake-able armature or finding. Polymer clays do not require kilns bake in, rather 15 min in your oven and the tiles ready. Finished pieces can be drilled, carved, sanded, or glued to backings (using a contact cement or epoxy). Polymer clays are ideal for jewelry—pins, earrings, pendants—and for figures, doll faces, and beads. Using Sculpey polymer clay your creations are endless.

In this 2 and half hour class we will easily sculpt our clay tiles and walk out of class with a beautiful sculpted bracelet. You will have the opportunity to free form your own tiles as well as using clay cutters to form the tiles for your bracelet. We will use Pigment powders and inks with our clay tiles. If desired rubber stamps will be available to use to make impressions in the clay as well as stamping images onto the bracelet tiles.

Saturday | November 19th |  11AM - 1:30PM   $20 plus $6.50 material fee. Bring a lunch to eat while our clay tiles bake and dry

Last Saturdays cards and domino pendants class was a lot of fun and I think everyone learned a thing or two. :D  Here is a picture of the cards class. We were so busy with dominos that I did not get a picture.
Check out the PAC ( ) for the fun that is awaiting you.