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Saturday, October 22, 2011

I spent the day at Emiline's Antiques and Collectibles totally revamping

I have found some delish vintage treats ready to become your treasures,  when I was out and about last weekend.

The top of the booth.  Those horse pencil prints are from 1944 T H Gurley, to 1960.  A vintage Christmas tin and then some vintage bottles as well as some of my artwork

 My bottle collection.  The coolest is a 1927 Cuban beer bottle.  Also have some Autumn leaves pattern serving dishes.  The floral canisters are from Italy. Also vintage Christmas ornaments, hand made Christmas ornaments, bracelets and necklaces packaged on the side. In the background there are flower arrangements with vintage leaves and bling that can be taken apart and all used seperately. Vintage post cards and first release postage stamp envelopes.. and so much more

 Charms  and flowers and atlered Jewelry.  Below the charms is the Kitchen section for your vintage kitchen tool needs as well as a couple of brass and celluloid hand mirrors. OH and the Chicken timer (front and center). To the left there is Vintage Southern living christmas books and Belgium Apothecary jars
 This is the hand bag and heavy kitchen tools department with some hand made cards thrown in here and there.
 Side view of the bottles and Autumn leaves dishes
 Side angle shot of of Vintage kitchen tools, tins, and the vanity section with the brass and celluloid hand held mirrors
 close up of the vanity section.  Doilies add a nice homey touch but are for sale
close up of the fabrick flower arrangements.
Come on by Emilines Antiques and Collectibles in Palmetto on 301 right next door to Goodwill.  

Classes on the card making and the Domino pendant are next Saturday at Palmetto Art Center.  Scroll down for more pictures of class samples

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